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January 23, 2017

…. we are going to revive this web site and give it a new face and purpose… a little bit literary and a little bit political and, hopefully, entertaining.

Watch this space.

Tomorrow’s a big day. Bernie could win California.

June 6, 2016

You could say I’m a dreamer, but… imagine a scenario where Bernie wins California in a big way, goes to the convention, wins over all the Trump-panicked-Hillary-holdouts, sweeps the jaded super-delegates, overturns tables chases all the moneychangers and corporate lobbyists out of the Party of the People with a whip made of populist egalitarianism and decriminalized hemp and miraculously secures the nomination.

Is there a place for Hillary in a Sanders administration?  I don’t think so.  So where does she go and what does she do when she’s not currying the favor of filthy rich despots and corporate magnates through the Clinton Foundation?

May we suggest that Hillary open up a chain of waffle houses nationwide.  It’s only metaphorical justice since, in this campaign alone, she has taken both sides of nearly every issue known to American politics.  Having been for and against virtually every piece of legislation passed or rejected within the past few decades, she is the allegorical master of the art of waffling, so…


From the London Daily Mail

Bernie responds to Nevada accusations…

May 17, 2016

“It is imperative that the Democratic leadership, both nationally and in the states, understand that the political world is changing and that millions of Americans are outraged at establishment politics and establishment economics. The people of this country want a government which represents all of us, not just the 1 percent, super PACs and wealthy campaign contributors.

“The Democratic Party has a choice. It can open its doors and welcome into the party people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change – people who are willing to take on Wall Street, corporate greed and a fossil fuel industry which is destroying this planet. Or the party can choose to maintain its status quo structure, remain dependent on big-money campaign contributions and be a party with limited participation and limited energy.

“Within the last few days there have been a number of criticisms made against my campaign organization. Party leaders in Nevada, for example, claim that the Sanders campaign has a ‘penchant for violence.’ That is nonsense. Our campaign has held giant rallies all across this country, including in high-crime areas, and there have been zero reports of violence. Our campaign of course believes in non-violent change and it goes without saying that I condemn any and all forms of violence, including the personal harassment of individuals. But, when we speak of violence, I should add here that months ago, during the Nevada campaign, shots were fired into my campaign office in Nevada and apartment housing complex my campaign staff lived in was broken into and ransacked.

“If the Democratic Party is to be successful in November, it is imperative that all state parties treat our campaign supporters with fairness and the respect that they have earned. I am happy to say that has been the case at state conventions in Maine, Alaska, Colorado and Hawaii where good discussions were held and democratic decisions were reached. Unfortunately, that was not the case at the Nevada convention. At that convention the Democratic leadership used its power to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place. Among other things:

  • The chair of the convention announced that the convention rules passed on voice vote, when the vote was a clear no-vote. At the very least, the Chair should have allowed for a headcount.
  • The chair allowed its Credentials Committee to en mass rule that 64 delegates were ineligible without offering an opportunity for 58 of them to be heard. That decision enabled the Clinton campaign to end up with a 30-vote majority.
  • The chair refused to acknowledge any motions made from the floor or allow votes on them.
    The chair refused to accept any petitions for amendments to the rules that were properly submitted.

“These are on top of failures at the precinct and county conventions including trying to depose and then threaten with arrest the Clark County convention credentials chair because she was operating too fairly.”

It’s not easy being nice…

May 15, 2016

…when you support Bernie Sanders.
It’s not easy to watch the other Democratic candidate, Whatshername, get the media coverage and all the support from the DNC. It’s not easy to put up with the condescension from people you thought you knew, people who always claimed to believe in the things you believe in.  It’s not easy to tell them the truth about their candidate and have them turn around and call you vindictive or sexist because you dared to challenge the worthiness of her munificent, magnificent self.
You want to get nasty.  You start to write things that you later regret and start to delete, but stop yourself, things that point out the arrogance and the smug superiority that marks Whatshername’s supporters, things like I nearly posted this morning on Facebook, but didn’t…

Privilege is a dirty word.  Must be. 
When so many deny they have it when they do. 
Tell you what…
You vote for Bernie and I won’t call you privileged no more.
You vote for Bernie and I won’t call your neighborhood gentrified.
You vote for Bernie and I’ll stop laughing at your bushwa, latte swilling self as I walk past the outdoor patio from Starbucks.

It’s hard to avoid being sarcastic, hard to keep from pushing back when you’re pummeled with disappointment in people you thought you knew, people who always claimed to believe in the things you believe in…
But if you vote for Bernie, I’ll know that you believe in justice, that you believe in equality for every American.
It’s really that simple for me.
Naïve, right?  You think so?

The Politics of Perception

May 13, 2016


Everything we know in life is subject to perspective.  Simply put, the place from which you view an object determines what you see.

This is a tree.

Viewed from this position, its limbs and branches seem spidery, a little spooky and cluttered.







IMG_5732This is also a tree.   Viewed from a distance, it has boundaries, a distinct and altogether pleasing form.  And in the context of a winter sky at dusk, there is an ephemeral beauty.  It enhances the tree in  dramatic ways, elicits an emotional response, inviting metaphor.

They are not much different, these trees, both leafless in winter, but the perspective from which they are viewed alters their appearance dramatically.  More importantly, the perspective alters our perception.  In the rundown toward selecting a Democratic candidate for President in 2016, I’ve seen more clearly than ever before the way in which perspective can change how a candidate is perceived.
For instance, in 2008, Hillary Clinton was a candidate in a heated contest with Barack Obama.  I had always had a favorable view of the Clintons and even though I voted for Obama in the primary, I did not view her unfavorably and, in fact, when Obama appointed her as Secretary of State, I applauded his choice, considering Mrs. Clinton had both the intelligence and the progressive perspective that position deserved.  Although I was not seduced by the visceral attacks from the right over her handling of the Benghazi attacks in 2012, I was, however, concerned generally about our aggressive role in foreign incursions during the Arab Spring.  Call it the seed of doubt, a beginning.
Fast forward to 2016.  Bernie Sanders came on the scene as a candidate in opposition to Hillary’s supposed ‘coronation’ as the ‘presumptive’ Democratic nominee.  In spite of consistent media inattention peppered with periodic bad press that seemed more like a Clinton campaign ad than journalism, he has fought a good, honorable campaign that has grown from obscurity to the status of serious challenger.  I began to look seriously into Hillary’s professional history and her political positions, compared them to Bernie’s and discovered that Bernie’s was far superior and more closely aligned to my own political beliefs than any candidate I have seen in my entire life.
Here, then, is where the perspective comes to play.  As a vocal and active supporter of Bernie Sanders, I’ve become more acutely aware of Hillary Clinton’s character, history and demeanor throughout her career and especially during the present campaign.  I’ve seen behavior that I might have overlooked except for the fact that I was personally invested in the outcome.  To be sure, I have also noted that the leadership of the DNC has actually tried to sabotage Bernie’s campaign and clearly, even publicly favors Clinton.  I’ve been advocating for Bernie on Facebook and I don’t know if any of that makes a difference, but writing is the one thing I can offer, so in lieu of aught else, I will continue to advocate for Bernie here on my blog.

That’s not to say that politics will be the main topic here.  I also plan to post photographs, essays, even video on a regular basis, hopefully daily.  I hope you will enjoy some of what I’m doing… and if you do, please spread the word.

Let’s try this again…

May 12, 2016


We re working on my site now to get ready for daily input… pictures, thoughts, essays.  So much to talk about these days what with the insane political climate and so little of it ever seems to make sense.  We do have a bias… mine.  Hopefully, you’ll get something out of it, a thought, a look at something you don’t always see.  That’s my purpose.

Maybe we’ll be ready to begin again today.

This site will get its act together… new things are coming

June 3, 2015
"New pictures comin'... worth coming out of your hole and checking them out."

“New stuff is on the way… worth coming out to take a look.”