Shrapnel: Short Stories – an anthology of short fiction by James Lloyd Davis is here…

Shrapnel is available now on Amazon.

I do hope you will check it out and try it on.  Amazon provides a preview. in their online catalog.  Go over and check it out.  Use the link at the bottom of this page.

Stories should always entertain and seduce us, else what’s the point? Whatever genre to which they are assigned, whatever the style in which they are written, a collection of short stories should always and primarily hold our interest. At surface, Shrapnel is an eclectic selection of literary short stories. More to the point, they are fragments of ongoing human narratives, boiled down to their essence…life-altering, snapshot moments in the lives of the people that live within them. Priests and prizefighters, soldiers and poets, con men and killers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters, people we pass on the street every day and never imagine for a moment the tragedy, the sorrow, the conflict, or the pain that lives within them… the drama that awaits them just around the corner… wars, rumors of wars, storms, a car wreck or the chance encounter with a violent crime… any manner of events that can change someone’s life in a sparrow’s heartbeat.

Truth is never elusive
     It sits pretty on the table
Like a hand grenade
     Pull the pin

To order, click on the link below:

Click here to order Shrapnel: Short Stories on Amazon today.

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