The Magic Bullet – yet another update on the release date – coming soon

My novel, The Magic Bullet, is coming together now for publication in April, I think, but no promises.
Over the next few weeks, I’ll be finishing the final edits and begin formatting the manuscript for both an e-book and a paperback version. I need to use two computer monitors in the final file manipulations and in the preparation of the artwork for the cover, but a couple weeks back, one of my monitors died an untimely death… just went totally black. Ordered another monitor today and should have it in about a week.
Then the fun begins.
It’s still a toss-up whether I will publish this novel in a print version through KDP Amazon or Lulu, but I may do both. A lot of people don’t like to buy through Amazon, but Lulu is considerably more expensive for the print version and, though people say that they don’t like to buy from Amazon, they don’t like spending a lot of cash for a printed book either. Either way, I will publish the e-book version exclusively through Amazon.
This novel is a departure for me, written in first person exclusively and in a style that I have tried to instill with the same visual impact that I’ve used with apparent success in literary fiction, which is not easy, considering the limitations imposed by the need to make the character’s voice authentic, so I’ve made him infinitely more intelligent than he was in the first draft. Luckily, he is a high functioning sociopath and, as such, somewhat colorful and blessed with an interesting world view, so maybe the voice will work as well for the reader as it did for me as a writer.
The Magic Bullet.
Coming soon.

Watch this space.

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