Letters To Virginia

In 2018, I wrote a series of letters I called the “Dear Virginia” letters utilizing the familiar trope originated by Francis Pharcellus Church in the New York newspaper, The Sun in 1897, an editorial that was famously titled, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” It was a tribute to optimism and a mild critique of “modern” cynicism.

My letters were, primarily, comments and mini-essays about the Trump Presidency and the controversy surrounding it… a different method of providing political editorial commentary. I’m in the process of collecting all the letters and putting them together in a file along with relevant references to the events and circumstances of the day… a volume, perhaps, that I may try to publish. There was a great deal of interest in the letters when they appeared in Facebook. Here, then, are a few examples:

Jan 3, 2018
Dear Virginia,
Three days into the New Year and our insane leader is playing a game of nuclear brinkmanship on Twitter with another insane leader in North Korea.  Both men have bad haircuts, small hands and chubby fingers. Not that it’s at all relevant to the game they are playing. I say that merely as a footnote for further study at a later date, assuming this is just a game and not the prelude to a nuclear holocaust, though most reasonable assumptions have long since fled the parlor of reason. Every time I imagine our insane leader has been restrained for the good of the nation, he seems to pop up from the box like Jack-the-clown-head-on-a-spring. (one of my childhood nightmares)
On a more intelligent note, today is the birthday of Clement Attlee (1883-1967) British socialist and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1945 to 1951, who famously said… “Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking.”
We talked about our insane leader for the whole of 2017. In 2018, why don’t we just stop talking and get on with the business of removing him from office.
We deserve better. Your friend,

Jan 4, 2018
Dear Virginia,
Four days into it now and 2018 is proving to be interesting, if not entirely bizarre. Steve Bannon vs Donald Trump makes a fine lead-in for a fabulous fight card, but it’s not the main event. The media is all over it, but these two are lightweights in the big picture. In the end it will be the People vs Corporate Autocracy, but I’m not going to touch that one today. 
Reality puts people to sleep
It’s a grudge match, but the People don’t seem to want to commit. They seem to believe this is all about Trump and they’re not watching the men behind the curtain because the Trump Show is turning heads like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.
Just this morning, I read an analysis piece that purports… well, simply put, the headline states “Trump versus Bannon threatens populist economic agenda…” 
Now…you’d think someone with the smarts to call his writing “analysis” would be aware that the “populist economic agenda” is a fine mythology that derives from think tanks… that derive from generous donations… that derive from dark-moneyed boards in elegantly paneled boardrooms peopled by the kind of rapacious, omnipotent businessmen who have determined the fate of entire rain forests in a caravan of golf carts on their way between the 6th and 7th holes of Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas.
Or… maybe they do know better, but they’ve been briefed as to what is real and what is “real” by an owner of the media that employs them, pays their wages, writes their annual review… someone who belongs to the same exclusive club from which “reality” derives.
Hard to follow? Absolutely… and that’s the point.
Because we’ve been lied to from so many different factions in every facet of the political spectrum, it’s hard to know what’s real and what is not without researching every fact deep in the archives of whatever dank room in which the truth is buried… and even then, it does not emerge without strategic and attenuating redaction.
So.. if you should even try to counter the “truth” with the truth, chances are you will be labeled a wingnut, but that’s okay. We are living in that kind of time when only wingnuts can possibly prevail and, as the old song goes, “…we shall overcome… some day.” 
Some day. 
Some day.
It’s just that I’ve been hearing that song since the ’60s and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s prophecy, or just another wishbone in the soup, but hey…
Respectfully, your pal and fellow wingnut, 
Jimmy Lloyd Davis

Jan 5, 2018
Dear Virginia,
Now five days in, this is becoming a very chilly year… outside today, its two degrees below zero, Fahrenheit, and tomorrow’s supposed to be colder, but the good news is… there’s a blanket of snow that makes it all seem a bit brighter than the news I’ve been avoiding like some people avoid their bankrupt friends…. 
I’m waiting for the Trumpmentalbreakdown.
That’s the new word of the day.
The moment when the Goliath ego of the cheeseburger brain of the Trump comes finally face to face with the facts that he’s been meticulously avoided for the past year, though essentially his entire life, but more so lately and countered with a known and measurable dishonesty rate of 5.5 recorded and verified lies per day.
Maintaining his monumental facade of faux gravitas in a free nation with a vigorous and free press and in a democracy as old and ingrained as our own, where even the most timid citizen is aware of those inalienable human rights with which they are endowed, will inevitably prove unsustainable and will become Trump’s utter undoing with a certain, properly just, and now identifiable outcome…
Say it out loud as a single word, the terminology of inevitable justice. For without a coup engineered by the generals with whom he loves to surround himself, serious men who hold their noses as they serve to insulate his clown-posse of camp-following sycophants from incessant public scrutiny, Trump will implode and he will self-destruct. Trump has already done more to destroy his own Presidency than any critic or enemy.
Coming soon to a mega-viral YouTube feed.
Count on it.
Pray for it.
Hope beyond all hope that it is immediately contained and does not result in the further erosion of the common good of all Americans… or a nuclear holocaust in World War III.
Other than that and the fact that it’s really, really cold outside, I’ve nothing else to report, I hear that it snowed in Norfolk.
Yours truly,

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