Bio & Links to Writing

The Official Bio:  “James Lloyd Davis is a former electrician, shipfitter, pipefitter, boilermaker, ironworker and engineer.  He resides in Ohio with his wife, MaryAnne Kolton, who is also a writer.   James is presently working on a novel.”

Print Anthologies:

51osij5mu8l-sl110-jpg_small Best New Writing 2013
(Hopewell Publications, 2012)  Short story – “Knitting the unraveled sleeves”  Editors’ Choice Award

Link to purchase: Best New Writing (2013)

New Sun Rising:  Stories for Japan
(Raging Aardvark Publishing,  2012)
Short Story – “On the Train to Otsu Station”
Link to purchase: New Sun Rising

Links to online work:

A-Minor Magazine  – Link:  Memento Mori Mon Amour

Rabble Lit – (a limited column in three issues, which are memoir pieces about life in the shipyards, titled Rust and Remembrance)

Link to 2nd entry:  Rust and Remembrance: Jacob’s Ladder Part I

Link to 3rd entry:  Rust and Remembrance: Jacob’s Ladder Part II

Camroc Press Review (stories in two issues)

Link to story:  Being Picasso

Link to story:  Night Letters from Ecuador

Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series 13.15 (Short Story)

Link to issue: (scroll down to story)  The man who killed Molly Bloom

Wilderness House Literary Review (stories in two issues)

Vol 6.2  Link to .pdf file:  1967 – The things they wanted

Vol 6.2  Link to .pdf file:  Pain endured

Publications in Print:

Short story, “I’m already there.”  Published in The View from Here Literary Magazine, Issue 36.

Link to purchase:  I’m already there||

Short story included in the anthology for charity, Lost Children.  Proceeds go to PROTECT and to Children 1st Scotland.

Link to purchase:  Lost Children Charity Anthology

Now available on Kindle.

Short story, “Waiting for the Wolf”  Published in Lost in Thought: Issue 2

Link to Purchase:  Lost in Thought: Issue 2


Links to Poems

Poem published in Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series 12.9. Poem titled, Signs, like Burma Shave ads, by the side of the road approaching Tyler, Kansas, Pop. 4,757

Link to Issue 12.9: (scroll down)  Signs like Burma Shave ads…

Links to interviews:

Fictionaut:  Fictionaut Five
Fictionaut:  Monday Chat

(Relevant to the Monday Chat interview is the short story referenced there with a link to an online literary magazine that no longer exists.  Here is a new link to the same story, titled, “Sand“)


Review of my short story, “The Color of Mangoes” at the blog, The Things They Read.

Link: The Color of Mangoes review

Listen here to that same short story, “The Color of Mangoes” as read by the Berlin author and novelist, Marcus Speh.

Link to audio:  The Color of Mangoes


Veteran (Vietnam – US Navy- 1964, ’65, and ’66)

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