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The Official Bio:  “James Lloyd Davis is a former electrician, shipfitter, pipefitter, boilermaker, ironworker and engineer.  He resides in Ohio with his wife, MaryAnne Kolton, who is also a writer.   James is presently working on a novel.”

Print Anthologies:

Shrapnel: Short Stories

Shrapnel is an anthology of short stories selected by the author, James Lloyd Davis. Some were entirely re-written but all of them were edited specifically for this book. The collection features new and old unpublished works along with fourteen previously published short stories that appeared in literary journals and anthologies from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia, all selected from a huge body of work that spans fifty years of writing.

Link to purchase: Shrapnel: Short Stories from



51osij5mu8l-sl110-jpg_small Best New Writing 2013
(Hopewell Publications, 2012)  Short story – “Knitting the unraveled sleeves”  Editors’ Choice Award

Link to purchase: Best New Writing (2013)

New Sun Rising:  Stories for Japan
(Raging Aardvark Publishing,  2012)
Short Story – “On the Train to Otsu Station”
Link to purchase: New Sun Rising

Links to online work:

A-Minor Magazine  – Link:  Memento Mori Mon Amour

Rabble Lit – (a limited column in three issues, which are memoir pieces about life in the shipyards, titled Rust and Remembrance)

Link to 2nd entry:  Rust and Remembrance: Jacob’s Ladder Part I

Link to 3rd entry:  Rust and Remembrance: Jacob’s Ladder Part II

Camroc Press Review (stories in two issues)

Link to story:  Being Picasso

Link to story:  Night Letters from Ecuador

Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series 13.15 (Short Story)

Link to issue: (scroll down to story)  The man who killed Molly Bloom

Wilderness House Literary Review (stories in two issues)

Vol 6.2  Link to .pdf file:  1967 – The things they wanted

Vol 6.2  Link to .pdf file:  Pain endured

Publications in Print:

Short story, “I’m already there.”  Published in The View from Here Literary Magazine, Issue 36.

Link to purchase:  I’m already there||

Short story included in the anthology for charity, Lost Children.  Proceeds go to PROTECT and to Children 1st Scotland.

Link to purchase:  Lost Children Charity Anthology

Now available on Kindle.

Short story, “Waiting for the Wolf”  Published in Lost in Thought: Issue 2

Link to Purchase:  Lost in Thought: Issue 2


Links to Poems

Poem published in Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series 12.9. Poem titled, Signs, like Burma Shave ads, by the side of the road approaching Tyler, Kansas, Pop. 4,757

Link to Issue 12.9: (scroll down)  Signs like Burma Shave ads…

Links to interviews:

Fictionaut:  Fictionaut Five
Fictionaut:  Monday Chat

(Relevant to the Monday Chat interview is the short story referenced there with a link to an online literary magazine that no longer exists.  Here is a new link to the same story, titled, “Sand“)


Review of my short story, “The Color of Mangoes” at the blog, The Things They Read.

Link: The Color of Mangoes review

Listen here to that same short story, “The Color of Mangoes” as read by the Berlin author and novelist, Marcus Speh.

Link to audio:  The Color of Mangoes


Veteran (Vietnam – US Navy- 1964, ’65, and ’66)

One Comment

  1. Hello, James

    I remember you from Fictionaut (one of the best writers there for sure), which I regrettably left about a decade ago. I would like to return, and have submitted a request but have gotten nothing. I didn’t know if there was a way for you to assist in getting me back in again. I’ve been in a horrible writing drought due to various circumstances and need a spark to start again.


    Jeffrey S Callico



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