New stuff is on the way

Presently working on an anthology of published and unpublished short fiction, a 2guysonballpersonal selection of my best work, going back as far as 1973… including a new short story that has never before seen the light of day.

My wife, MaryAnne Kolton and I have both been widely published in literary magazines, in the USA and abroad.  I know the market, follow the vicissitudes of the industry, so of course I know that short story anthologies these days are just about as hot as a minor iceberg… and as welcome in the slush piles of book publishers as Covid-19.  Agents?  Forget about it.

Accordingly, I’ve done some research on the available alternatives and will likely self-publish one anthology of my work and one of hers as well sometime this year.  KDP Amazon seems, for us anyway, the best venue, since there is no real investment involved, no cost to us other than our time, though a lot of time is required.  I have plenty of that and I want to get a collection out there for the least reason that everyone who knows my work is hounding me to do something.

This seemed like the answer to that small demand… plus, I am fascinated by the possibilities here.  Were I a young man, I would probably start a publishing company:

1:  Because I’m crazy.

2:  Because writing is my passion.

3:  The industry is fundamentally changing, quite ready for a tectonic shift… and now is the time to leap into it, when everybody is moaning about the demise thereof and one can define the way forward, for better or worse.

4:  The available technology is incredible and anyone who possesses the least technical capability can literally launch an empire with little or no capital or resources other than a decent desktop and a willingness to learn new ways of doing things.  Add some creativity and an artistic predilection and you too can be a media magnate.

Or something like that.


  1. Hi James, God only knows why I haven’t come across your site till now. Well, I’ll be a frequent visitor in future. Going down the self-publishing route hey? Good on you. Way to go, man. Have done 2 hand-printed books for my wife Erika, and now a pdf for the third is in the hands of PODder Ingramspark. But damn these podder outputs are foking ornery. Only tips I can give are don’t choose white paper, and make sure your inside (gutter) margins are big. And don’t have expectations that the print quality will match that of your writing. It probably won’t. But still, it’s worth a shot. I’ll buy a copy when it’s out, and so will many. Best. – Eamon

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    1. Thanks, Eamon. Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, the anthology will be out by the end of summer on Kindle and in print by the fall. It’s a lot of work, innit? Best back at ya, my friend.



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